How to write personal ads using the powerful marketing techniques of professional ad agencies including over 400 (updated to over 500!) super-charged words, phrases and examples to inspire you

Ever been reading a magazine or watching TV and some commercial ad really grabbed your attention? Well, that commercial was scripted by a highly paid writer known in the trade as a copywriter. Copywriters donít just fall out of trees, and it takes years and years of practice plus large amounts of talent to write the kind of commercial ad that grabs attention.

Writing a personal ad is no different.

But the good news is that the same tried and true techniques that go into crafting a powerful and compelling commercial ad can work just as well for you. Even better, 99.9% of online posters have absolutely no clue how to do this.

Which guarantees you the competitive edge in the crowded world of online dating.

So maybe youíre not getting enough responses to your online dating profile. Or worse, youíre getting too many of the wrong kind of responses. Or maybe youíre just starting out and want to really stand out from the ocean of mediocrity.

If so then itís time to turbocharge your profile by exploiting the same powerful marketing techniques ad agencies use. The basics are simple and easy to use once you know them. Even better, Iíll walk you step-by-step through the process from A to Z. And along the way Iíll give you over 400 (updated to over 500!) compelling words, phrases and other examples to help spark your creativity or even use for yourself.

By way of introduction Iíve been a professional writer for thirty years. By Ďprofessionalí I mean I earn good money from my skills. Iíve worked for ad agencies, magazines, corporate marketing departments, politicians, and private individuals Ė all looking for that crucially-important competitive edge.

My book will give you that edge.

Hereís just some of what Iíll cover:

Choosing a fun and unique user name

Using subliminal suggestions in your profile pictures

Knowing what to bait your hook with

Nine headline types that get you noticed fast

Starting your profile with a bang for maximum impact

Your profile narrative Ė what to include, what not to include, and how much to include

Emotional triggers Ė 63 key words that arouse emotions

Advanced psychological techniques

Building your profile toward a powerful close

The call to action Ė motivating others to get in touch with you promptly

The importance of reinventing yourself and how to do it

Losing losers

Rejecting rejection

And over 500 super-charged examples to kickstart your creativity

So are you ready to find someone special?
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