Mark Petterson
Mark Petterson
So you'd like to learn a little about me.
OK, then.
I've been a professional writer for over 30 years.
In order to earn money I've written in a variety of fields including fiction, non-fiction, copywriting, screenwriting, and  more.
Along the way I spent 10 years freelancing for the world's largest-selling adult motorcycle magazine.  That was a blast and I got to interview and write about some of the most talented bike builders in the world, as well as a bunch of other amusing, entertaining, unbelievable, scary and sometimes just plain sorry inviduals.
I hung out my shingle as a professional resume writer and spent over 20 years writing hundreds and hundreds of job-winning resumes and cover letters for a variety of characters ranging from just-released cons to Fortune 500 executives, and everyone else in between.
I tried my hand at screenwriting and optioned four of my scripts to 'Hollywood', but so far no produced credits.
Then there were the thousand other freelance writing jobs I picked up that paid by the word.
And all through the time I worked as a freelance mercenary I continued writing all kinds of other neat stuff on the side, not for the money, but because writing is what I do.
There's more to my story, of course.  Along the way I built four successful businesses from scratch because, well, because writing is not always a lucrative occupation, and a guy's got to eat after all. 
And buy shiny things for his Harley.
If you'd like to get in touch you can email me right here.
Ride Safe,