Dr. Valerie LaRocque is smart, attractive and filled with insatiable lust. Unfortunately she’s stuck in a dead-end job with no hope of advancement at the worst hospital in the country.

To make matters worse the hospital Director is extorting sexual favors from her, but he’s hung like a toe and has all the staying power of a starving fruit fly.

Luckily Dr. LaRocque is Chief of the Residence Program and always has her pick of the best-looking interns.

Too bad the hospital Director has other plans for her.
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Donna and Denise thought it was a pretty good idea at first: steal the porn film they’d starred in and then sell it to the highest bidder.

But they hid the film in the wrong place and the wrong person found it.

Now they have to use their luscious bodies to satisfy their blackmailer’s every sexual desire. Unfortunately, what gets him off leaves them hornier than ever and aching for orgasmic release.

So they do a little digging into his kinky past, and what they find puts the blackmailer at the mercy of the two nurses who plan a delicious sexual revenge.
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About the author 
When an insurance investigator goes undercover to determine whether a notorious hospital should stay in business, he plans to use his power to sleep with every good-looking woman on staff, starting with a very innocent and virginal student nurse.

But when the investigator learns that her father is the prime suspect in six grisly murders he wisely sets his sights on safer targets.

Unfortunately, the student nurse has other plans for the investigator, and now he must decide if her sweet, innocent virginity is worth his life.
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Ajay had it made growing up in Trinidad. Tall and muscular with rich honey-colored skin, he spent his days surfing and his nights seducing the rich, lonely tourista ladies.

They nicknamed him Golden Balls.

Then he almost lost those golden balls when a jealous husband shot at him through a motel window.

Taking the money he had earned Ajay decided to enter a safer career and become a physician.

Unfortunately he ended up in the worst hospital in the country, where the Chief of the Residence Program devised a plan to get rich off of Ajay’s golden balls.